5 tips for improving your tech image

Building your image requires a thorough understanding of your audience and competitors, as well as a…

16 Jun

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Taking the most professional approach to the trade media

There are many stark differences between consumer media and trade media that can make providing news…

27 May

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Unravelling the mystery of Google Analytics and how you can use it to measure PR

Did you know that you can use Google Analytics (GA) to measure and prove the value of PR and social …

20 May

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3 things that Apple's success tells us about tech PR

Few of us can remember a time when Apple was merely a technology company, rather than a brand that s…

19 May

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How B2B PR fundamentally differs from B2C PR

For B2B organisations that have thus far enjoyed only a casual acquaintance with the world of PR, an…

12 May

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The PR lessons that ambitious technology companies must learn

As a technology company, your own team will be the greatest experts on your own products and how the…

15 Apr

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The surprisingly simple anatomy of a successful online and offline PR campaign

Any good B2B PR firm will naturally have a high level of specialist PR knowhow and experience, putti…

11 Apr

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Never neglect the 'relations' element of public relations

The ways in which any company applies public relations should be based on consistent principles that…

07 Apr

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Your trade PR content won't make the right impact without the right distribution

For our trade clients here at Vantage Public Relations, we provide specialised trade PR services, wh…

23 Mar

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The importance of hiring the right PR agency to promote technology products

While your organisation may be making the right decision to hire a PR agency to handle its communica…

04 Mar

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How to use B2B PR to generate more sales leads

If yours is one of the many organisations deciding to get in touch with a B2B PR agency this year in…

03 Feb

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Today's PR needs to be about conversations, not just campaigning

Organisations that have never previously approached a PR agency for Manchester like Vantage Public R…

25 Jan

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Is digital PR really any different to traditional PR?

Our status as a true technical PR agency, with knowhow, experience and services that bridge the gap …

20 Jan

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Why great content writing and great PR go hand-in-hand

You might think that your organisation's trade PR in Wales has little to gain from the discipline of…

20 Jan

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5 reasons why the press release is still relevant

It would be very easy to presume that the press release has largely outlived its usefulness in a pub…

15 Dec

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What should you be thinking about for your 2016 digital marketing strategy?

The debate as to the relative relevance of traditional marketing versus digital marketing continues …

04 Dec

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PR is much more powerful than advertising - and here's how

As much as the average PR consultancy may dislike admitting it, public relations are a form of marke…

29 Oct

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Why and how should you protect your firm's reputation online?

Here at Vantage Public relations, we understand how precious your business's reputation is - in shor…

28 Oct

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5 blunders made on business blogs

As experts in trade PR here at Vantage Public Relations, we routinely advise our clients on the many…

19 Oct

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Some social media PR techniques that you might not have considered

As technology PR agencies like ourselves here at Vantage Public Relations are continually asserting,…

09 Oct

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5 things to do - and not to do - with your email newsletters

The e-newsletter may be deemed by some PR professionals in B2B PR a comparatively 'old school' mode …

08 Oct

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The ways in which today's digital world has changed PR

This era is firmly the one of tech public relations, which inevitably begs the question of how and t…

08 Oct

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Timing your e-newsletters to perfection

Whatever term you prefer to use - e-newsletters or e-shots - the value of such digital communication…

23 Sep

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How can a blog enhance your business's reputation?

Modern digital PR campaigns typically make use of a vast range of media for reputation-building purp…

20 Aug

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What are the differences between advertising and public relations?

Many of those seeking out marketing and promotional services who find themselves considering a provi…

14 Aug

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Thoughts on the respective roles of traditional and digital marketing

Not every business owner understands the fuss about digital marketing - even in an age when it is si…

27 Jul

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The power of social media PR services for promoting your firm

Few business owners require any reminders of the way social media can empower individuals - after al…

14 Jul

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How does your company website further your PR aims?

One perhaps unsung frontier of any successful company or organisation's public relations efforts is …

02 Jul

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Why a tailored PR strategy really matters

A business owner who is unfamiliar with the nuances and vagaries of public relations can be easily m…

29 Jun

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Is there genuinely 'no such thing as bad publicity'?

A school of thought has long persisted that one can derive considerable success from a scandal - ind…

12 Jun

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A PR audit can guide you towards your target audience

In building a PR strategy, one of your most pressing responsibilities is to define and then reach yo…

10 Jun

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How you can best respond to your competition

You may have recently browsed our dedicated PR audit page, on which we detail the many reasons to ge…

13 May

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A PR audit can help to significantly boost your SME's brand awareness

In today's interconnected and more egalitarian media climate, even the smallest businesses can play …

05 May

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Connect your public relations to SEO with our PR audit

If there is any PR agency that is well-equipped to appreciate and respond to a world in which both t…

28 Apr

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In an evolving world, our PR audit will keep you ahead

A company that is looking to boost or maintain its reputation may look towards the agency that can o…

17 Apr

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Taking the first steps to truly bespoke PR

'Bespoke' might seem a slightly redundant term in such a field as public relations, which is continu…

17 Apr

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How can social media and more traditional PR work together for the best results?

Requesting a PR audit from Vantage Public Relations does not merely grant you access to a brief summ…

24 Mar

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A PR audit can extract the maximum benefit from both print and online media

Certain entrenched positions have typically prevailed about the respective strengths and weaknesses …

10 Mar

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Our PR audit extends well beyond damage control

If public relations and reputation management ever hit the news, it is so often for the wrong reason…

03 Mar

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Our PR audit identifies the right strategies for your small business

For a small business public relations has a particularly obvious role. These are the very companies …

19 Feb

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Try public relations for the first time with our free PR audit

It's all too easy these days to think that the public relations 'machine' is all-pervasive. Everywhe…

11 Feb

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How PR differs outside the 'big city'

As a field of work, public relations will always conjure up certain associations in people's heads t…

02 Feb

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Contact us now about our free, complete and no-obligation PR audit

Finding the right public relations agency is a task so often easier said than done. You might be con…

29 Jan

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Even the most niche niches benefit from well-thought-through PR

Not all products have broad customer bases - indeed, they may be barely known even within the public…

23 Jan

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The importance of finding your public relations point of view

You will likely have many different priorities already in mind when approaching B2B PR agencies. You…

18 Dec

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Social media PR services: the term is not an oxymoron

Sometimes, in life as well as in the world of public relations, seemingly contradictory elements can…

16 Dec

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The ingredients of an effective PR campaign have changed considerably

For all of the vast range of business communications that take place on an everyday basis and that f…

03 Dec

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How digital PR campaigns are taking the place of traditional SEO

As 2015 looms, times are changing in the world of search engine optimisation (SEO). There are, of co…

18 Nov

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Why organisations in London should avoid do-it-yourself PR

One trend that has gained in currency among London organisations in recent times is 'do-it-yourself'…

04 Nov

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A look behind the timing of a B2B PR campaign

As established and impressive a record as Vantage Public Relations has in the delivery of powerful a…

27 Oct

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Are you dissatisfied with your current PR agency?

There are many reasons why you may dispense with your present PR agency. From such basic errors as m…

13 Oct

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Make Vantage PR your complete technology PR agency

There's no question of what a monumental difference technology has made to all sectors of the econom…

03 Oct

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How Vantage PR can make all the difference to your next public relations campaign

Many may associate public relations campaigns with a short-term reputation-boosting blitz or 'fire-f…

23 Sep

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The environment, energy and PR

Energy and the environment are undoubtedly the hottest topic of the decade. Week after week the head…

17 Mar

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