The environment, energy and PR

17 Mar 2014

Energy and the environment are undoubtedly the hottest topic of the decade. Week after week the headlines inform us of another newly discovered statistic of the impact 21st century living has on our world. But brush aside the unnecessary scare mongering and there are very relevant issues that warrant serious debate, and when won or lost can impact your business accordingly. 

Controversial fracking has been accused of potentially causing water contamination and further environmental damage, yet in the same breath others are lauding it as the key to UK economic recovery and business growth. Wind farms have seen subsidies drastically reduced and planning laws tightened while the UK faces a flood defence crisis in the midst of national budget cuts.

These key debates draw the battle lines between energy firms, government, UK business and consumers, all of who have much to lose or gain depending on the outcome. Consumers' trust is harder to win with the endless inaction of large corporations to pass on savings to households and often throwing environmental responsibility out of the window for larger financial gain, leaving the customer to pick up the slack.

The dramatically changing energy sector requires a change in approach; PR should no longer be considered a luxury but a first port of call when trying to navigate the storm of public reputation. In an area where opinion is easily divided and companies need to recognise their alignment with envrionmental issues and build upon that to create a stronger, community focused image in order to retain audience trust.

Here at Vantage PR we work with clients that cover all areas of the energy and environmnet spectrum, from manufacturers and installers to consultants in industries such as biomass, construction and lighting. With over 20 years experience of delivering technical PR programmes in these sectors, we know how vitally important it is to keep your company's image up to date and topical. We also know how hard it can be to be seen commenting on such high profile issues, and that's where we can help.

Using long-standing relationships with key media we have continuously gained quality coverage for our clients by respondinig to current issues and placing them in the public eye. From news flashes to features, Vantage increases the visibility of its clients by aligning them with the latest relevant environmental issues. Product releases can be carefully timed to coincide with relevant topical news such as RHI developments and changes in building regulations, serving to highlight the significance of the clients' product.