Colourtex brightens up road safety

05 Feb 2014

Colourtex is a versatile, hard landscaping material from The Bituchem Group, which manufactures and supplies asphalt surfacing, emulsion products and road preservation solutions. The fully bonded natural aggregate asphalt material uses vivid colours to highlight specific areas while remaining as durable as normal tarmac.

Colourtex has a wide range of applications in both public and commercial sectors being used in playgrounds, cycle paths and supermarket car parks. The definition of specific zones enhances the safety of the users without the need for additional markers and therefore fewer extra costs.

The aesthetic and durable qualities of Colourtex are achieved through the use of a clear binder combined with high performance coloured aggregates. This technique allows for vivid colours without compromising on performance, something not obtained when mixing colour pigments with black bitumen.

Colourtex is available in a range of colours to suit all requirements including Red, Buff, Green, Blue and Gold. This variation allows Colourtex to be used in creative ways and the Bituchem design team are available to respond to your individual requirements and can tailor solutions to suit particular contract specifications. In residential situations it has been used for driveways, housing estates and parking bays while areas of pedestrian trafficking, footpaths and pavements have all benefited from Colourtex.

The use of Colourtex in Multi-Use Games Areas as well as cycle paths demonstrates its flexibility within the leisure sector.

Supplied hot and laid conventionally like any ‘black top’, Colourtex can be applied throughout the year and its fast and simple application makes it a popular specification to enhance any project that requires multi-functional surfacing.

Further information on Colourtex is available from Bituchem on 01594 826 768 or 07584 311266 or by visiting the company’s website at