17 Jul 2014

Wildlife World is expanding its range of educational products with the launch of the new Pyramid Insect Hotel, designed to be used both in and outside the classroom. The Pyramid Insect Hotel provides interactive habitats ideal for learning and complements the wide variety of products already offered by nature specialists Wildlife World as educational aids that include the Wildlife World Trail Packs.

The Pyramid Insect Hotel is a large wooden structure standing at 1.2 metres tall that attracts and harbours a multitude of beneficial insects and safe non-stinging bees and other minibeasts that are essential in maintaining a healthy functional ecosystem. The design cleverly incorporates an integrated solar lamp that attracts moths, as well as professional cardboard nesting and viewing tubes that allow for easy bee management, and removable inspection cassettes to monitor overwintering butterflies, moths, insect cocoons and minibeasts. Each pyramid comes with a lesson plan and the top 10 native wild flower seeds for wildlife.

Wildlife World have secured a firm foothold in the educational sector through their Trail Packs that focus on engaging youngsters to explore nature in a variety of ways. The Trail Packs are available in various stages: ecology, hands-on learning, study/learning & ultimate, providing an outdoor wildlife experience for all ages and levels of learning. The packs contain nesting habitats and feeders for beneficial insects, bees, butterflies, birds and small mammals with packets of wildflower seeds to ensure an attractive wildlife friendly environment is produced. The various feeders and nesters, which include hedgehog homes, bird feeder stations, interactive bee nesters, can be scattered around the outdoor area and using the extensive range of guides from Wildlife World, children can follow the trail and learn about the ecosystem first hand. The more advanced packs include wildlife cameras systems that allow nature to be studied undisturbed and provide another dimension to the children’s learning and understanding of wildlife.

James Allan, Sales and Marketing Manager at Wildlife World, explained, “We have researched extensively into the most beneficial habitats for the various wildlife to create effective products that encourage the conservation of species. Designed for schools and community projects our educational range of wildlife habitats are sophisticated learning tools as well as being functional wildlife habitats”.

Wildlife guides and lesson plans are also available to enhance the learning experience and specialist equipment such as the Amphibug Wildlife Board ensure the minimum disruption to the habitats when being investigated by enthusiastic pupils.

Wildlife World combines the knowledge of nature experts with sustainable manufacturing process to produce hand crafted environmentally friendly conservation products for insects, bees, birds and small mammals. Distributed internationally across Europe and into America, Canada, Dubai and New Zealand, Wildlife World has contributed to the global education of conservation importance through its innovative learning tools.

Further information is available from Wildlife World on 01666 505333, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at