Hewitech introduces cooling tower plastic media

09 Apr 2014

Hewitech is offering one of the most comprehensive ranges available of plastic media for use in cooling towers.

The company offers a variety of fill and drift eliminators suitable for all types of natural draught and induced draught cooling towers as used in the energy and water industry, as well as for industrial and HVAC purposes.

For fill packs, the company offers the Hewitech CF19 and the Hewitech NB25 products.  The CF19 comprises a module of 2400 x 310mm with a height of either 600mm or 300mm.  Made from PP and PVC, the module is cross-flow welded with an opening of 2 x 19mm.  The NB25 is a vertical fill product with standard dimensions of 480 x 500mm and a height of 445mm but modules can be made up to 3600mm long.  The vertical channels of this PP and PE material are 50mm.

Both fill products are designed for fast and safe installation due to their high module strength, have a high surface area for maximum cooling performance, and have excellent temperature performance up to 80°C.  Where required, the fill can be supplied in loose formed sheets for reduced shipment costs and then assembled on site with welding machines.  These products are ideal for use in new cooling tower installations, and also by maintenance service providers for the cooling tower industry. 

Drift eliminators are the last line of defence in any evaporative system and are vitally important in reducing the risk from Legionella.  For this application Hewitech offers both blade eliminators and cellular eliminators to satisfy the requirements of most applications.  Made from PP and PVC, Hewitech’s DEP156, 177 and 187 provide opening spaces of 33, 38, and 44mm respectively, with respective blade heights of 156, 177 and 187mm.  Hewitech’s cellular eliminator DE125 is Eurovent, Paris certified, and is a module measuring 2400 x 600 x 125mm with an opening of 34mm.  Both blade and cellular eliminators are made to operate at temperatures of up to 80°C. 

With a 20-year pedigree, Hewitech works with experienced specialists who have fundamentally developed cooling tower installations in recent years.  Hewitech’s products provide greatly increased water treatment, a significantly longer service life of installations, and high thermal efficiency.  The company also offers full technical support to ensure best practice use of its products in cooling tower applications.

Further information on cooling tower products is available from Hewitech UK on 01242 821678 or by emailing sales@hewitech.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.hewitech.co.uk