14 Oct 2014

Continuing its expansion Hewitech UK has appointed Neil Watson as Projects Manager for its cooling tower business where the company offers a range of specialist plastic media.

Neil Watson brings with him a wealth of experience in the industry, some 24 years in total, most recently with PSSP and GEA.  Neil is NEBOSH qualified for health and safety in the industry and is qualified in Legionnaires awareness.  His expertise is not confined to advice on the best products to use in a cooling tower application but also extends to first hand experience of project installation.

Hewitech has a wide range of products for the cooling tower market including fill packs, drift and mist eliminators which prevent water droplets escaping to stop Legionnaires.  The company is an established supplier in the use of these products in the German market where they have been proven for some fifteen years with organisations such as EDF. 

Hewitech UK Managing Director Dave Fozzard commented, “Neil Watson is an expert in his field and we are delighted he has joined us.  At the same time we are introducing local manufacture of the cellular fills at our Cheltenham base so as to offer the UK market very competitively priced products.”

A good proportion of the industry includes cooling towers which are not compliant with the recently updated Code of Practice ACOP L8, having wooden slats and louvres which harbour bacteria so increasing the risk of Legionnaires.   Commenting on this, Hewitech’s Neil Watson said, “Our products allow companies to become compliant to the national legislation and so offer peace of mind to their own workforce and others that they are protected from the risks associated.   We also have software to allow clients to choose the correct fill pack and drift eliminators matching to fan size and airflow”.  Neil continued, “A large part of the cooling tower market is already using plastic media but many of these are old installations coming up for replacement as the PVC material becomes brittle over time.”  Here, Hewitech offers an inspection and maintenance service to advise on the best solution.

With cooling towers evident across many industries from water and energy to the chemical and building industries, Hewitech UK is able to offer high quality advice and products for any of these applications and also recommendations for installation.

Further information on plastic media for cooling towers is available from Hewitech UK on 01242 821678, emailing sales@hewitech.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.hewitech.co.uk