21 Mar 2014

High performance LED lighting panels are the latest addition to the Greenstock range and can provide 40 per cent energy savings over their 10 year lifetime.

The new LED flat panels are the ideal replacement for the less efficient traditional fluorescent fittings, commonly seen in modular suspended ceilings.  They are the perfect solution for offices, hospitals, schools and many other applications.

The 600mm x 600mm LED light panel from Greenstock is a 36W unit providing a light output of 2700 lumens, equivalent to the traditional fluorescent light fitting that it replaces, yet the LED panel does not flicker and starts instantly providing an even light distribution. 

Designed as a replacement for existing fluorescent fittings, the LED panels are easy to install and are supplied with remote driver and inline connectors for rapid installation. 

One of Greenstock’s customers, OrderWise has recently installed 74 LED light panels at its Lincoln offices.  Replacing the existing 4 x 18W fluorescent fittings, the energy per fitting has reduced from 79.2W to 36.6W to gain an annual energy saving of £1,864.  The payback period is just two years and the savings across the 10-year lifetime of the panels is some £13,460.  David Hallam, managing director of OrderWise, commented, ‘We are delighted with the energy savings achieved with the new LED lighting and now that the LED panels are completely maintenance free, we will also benefit from no future maintenance or disruption as before with changing fluorescent tubes”.

Greenstock’s LED light panels are an ultra slim design with high quality surround to give a clean integrated look.  As well as the 600 x 600 LED panel, Greenstock also offers a 1200 x 600 LED panel producing 3600 lumens and rated at 54W.  Both panels have a rated life of 50,000 hours equivalent to around ten years of normal daily usage, and the panels are available in warm white, cool white and daylight colour temperatures.

Supplied with a five year warranty from Greenstock as standard, dimmable and emergency versions of the LED panels are also available. 

Further information on Greenstock’s LED light panels is available from Greenstock on 0845 2570 444, email enquiries@greenstock.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.greenstock.co.uk