27 Apr 2015

An impressive new range of quality two-post lifts is launched this month by Codi International. 

Developed by the established German company Consul, for which Codi are the exclusive UK distributors, the new lifts are grouped as the Premium range, the Classic range, and the Limited range.  All of the new two-post lift ranges carry the universal benefits of:  no gantry between the posts, so no height restriction; they completely clear the floor; rolled steel profile posts for a small footprint and stiffness; very low arm clearance; and have single-handed operation.  Above all, the lift ranges are quality engineered and made in Germany with no sub-assembly manufacture elsewhere, ensuring complete control of quality.


The Premium is the latest high specification lift from Consul and is available in three and a half and four tonnes capacities.

These lifts are made to extremely high standard with six wear-free guide rollers on the carriage, and bronze load and safety nuts with on-board lubrication, to give a very long life of over 15 years.  The Premium range features programmable top and bottom limits (useful with low roof heights) as well as push button controls.  Significantly, the Premium lifts have a large arm adjustment range allowing the lift to pick up almost any vehicle within their capacity from a Smart car to long vans.  

The Premium lifts are available as a three and a half tonne, 2.35 Premium and a four tonne, 2.40 Premium.  Both have lifting heights of 2.005 metres and a lowering time of just 35 seconds.


Offering exceptional value for money, the Classic range is the new general purpose lift from Consul.  The ideal choice for the modern workshop, the Classic range has posts which are rotated 30°allowing easier arm positioning, especially with short cars.  The lifts are also well engineered with the carriage having six wear-free guide rollers and there are synthetic low maintenance load nut and alloy safety nuts.

The Classic range lifts are available as a three tonne, 2.30 Classic version and a four tonne, 2.40 Classic lift.  These lifts have lifting heights of 2.005 metres and a lowering time of 50 seconds. 


Introduced as the entry-level lift from Consul, the Limited is available as a three tonne capacity lift with many of the features of the Classic range and designed for the budget conscious garage and workshop looking for a quality alternative to other inexpensive lifts available on the market.

The 2.30 EL Limited lift has a capacity of three tonnes, a lifting height of 2.005 metres and a lifting / lowering time of 50 seconds.

Further information on the new range of Consul vehicle lifts is available from Codi International, Abbey Lodge, Monmouth Road, Tintern, Chepstow, NP16 6SF, telephone 01291 689427, email or by visiting the company’s website at