PR as powerful as ever!

01 Jul 2013

In the current climate, maintaining your industry presence and relationship with your customers and prospects is more important than ever. PR is a powerful tool that can help you achieve this, through tailoring and managing your messages, to build and shape your company's reputation. This is being increasingly recognised, and more and more businesses are utilising PR as a cost-effective way of communicating a targeted message that achieves widespread coverage both in hard print and online.

A high quality press release, placed in an appropriate publication, can be more effective and influential than other forms of marketing. Information printed in relevant and respected publications is often regarded as an objective viewpoint written by an independent journalist. Therefore a press release, crafted to inform, engage and motivate your target audience, has high credibility and can produce spectacular results. 

PR guarantees your regular appearance in relevant media with news stories, product releases and features for often little cost. As increasingly more press information is reproduced online, your online presence and website SEO will benefit enormously from every story that is released. At Vantage PR, our team of experts will always help to present you as a company with something interesting to say, saying it in the right places and to the right people.