14 May 2014

A new special needs care home in Nuneaton is benefiting from the secure and reliable ThermaSkirt heated skirting board system to provide a comfortable environment for the residents. NobleCare selected Discrete Heat’s ThermaSkirt product to install in the new 12 bed care home after finding it to be the heating solution that fitted all the architect’s strict requirements.

ThermaSkirt is a radiant skirting board that doesn’t entail the bulky covers or exposed pipes of conventional radiators while providing an all-round comfortable heat from the ground up but at significantly lower installation and running costs than under floor heating. Its rapid response time caters for the variation in occupancy and type of activity to ensure the care home is energy efficient without compromising the comfort of the residents.

The purpose built care units are designed to cater for young persons with severe autism and learning disabilities and therefore the heating system installed faced intense scrutiny from NobleCare and their designers, a.i.architecture, to ensure it would withstand the exuberance of the care environment. Personal safety of the inhabitants was of great concern as those suffering with autism can be unpredictable and prone to accidental self-harm so it was of utmost importance that the heating system posed as little hazard as possible.

Conventional LST radiators were ruled out as their bulky covers restricted space and wheelchair access while also posing a collision hazard with sharp edges and exposed pipe work. The architects ruled out under floor heating due to previous experience of the system in similar care establishments found that it encouraged the residents to lie on the floor rather than participate in the therapeutic activities that they are there to benefit from.

ThermaSkirt caught the attention of the architects by chance through a Google search with its rapid response to output requirements, allowing the users to easily adjust the controls when needed to maximise comfort and save money on energy bills by reducing the amount of heat wastage.

Designed to replace the skirting board and radiators in one convenient package, ThermaSkirt blends into the interior with secure top and bottom fixing making it an extremely durable and robust retrofit heating alternative. The seamless transition between ThermaSkirt and the floor allows the skirting board to be wiped clean at the same time as moping the floors, lessening maintenance time and ensuring a hygienic environment that is vitally important to care facilities. The ThermaSkirt system allows for maximised use of space by not being wall mounted and with a profile of less than 20mm it doesn’t cause restrictive obstacles to the functionality of the building.

The care home received recognition of its meticulous design and planning through being short-listed for the Pinders National Healthcare Design Awards in the Best Design for Younger Adults category. Ian Ray of a.i.architecture commented; “On seeing ThermaSkirt we recognised straight away its potential to solve our heating problems. We couldn’t use LST radiators as the service users are prone to self-harm and occasional vandalism. Our client and ourselves are really impressed by the ThermaSkirt package that is working well and providing everything we hoped it would. We’re already designing the system into future projects”.

ThermaSkirt is available in a variety of profiles and colours to suit all interior designs and is supplied pre-finished to allow quick and simple installation, minimising disruption to facilities services.

Further information on EasyClean LST is available from Discrete Heat on 0845 1238 367, by emailing: martin@discreteheat.co.uk, or by visiting the company’s website at http://www.thermaskirt.com