23 Sep 2014

Wildlife World’s Bee & Bug Biome triumphs at Glee 2014 by winning best new product in the Pet & Wildlife Products category, with their Bee Mug coming a close second. The Bee & Bug Biome took first place at this year’s show, adding to its collection of awards having won a European Consumers Choice award earlier this year.

Nature experts Wildlife World exhibited their new Urban range and the award winning biomes alongside many other innovative habitats, nesters and feeders. Carefully designed wildlife products which are tried and tested on their own farm facilities combined with ethical manufacturing has ensured Wildlife World are market leading international distributors to the wildlife market.

The Bee & Bug Biome from Wildlife World is designed to provide a habitat for solitary bees, ladybirds and other insects that are beneficial to garden and plant promotion as they are vital for pollination or as predators to control aphids. Made with FSC timber and water based stain, the subtle colours provide pleasant and natural looking aesthetics to allow the Biome to blend into the garden while the various natural materials within the shelter produce perfect habitation for a range of insects.

 A free pack of British wildflower seeds selected to attract gentle pollinating bees is included as well as a bee species guide to educate and encourage the consumer to create a complete habitat for beneficial insects in the garden.

The Bee Mug is a hanging nesting habitat specially designed for pollinating bees. The mug is made from frost-resistant ceramic filled with cardboard nesting tubes, surrounded by an insulating layer. Awarded second place in the Pet & Wildlife Products category, the Bee Mug is a great gift for keen gardeners that when placed in a sunny spot encourages pollinators to take up residence and in turn helps improve garden flowers and crops.

The Urban/City range is the newest Wildlife product from Wildlife World to be debuted at Glee 2014 and attracted significant enthusiasm from buyers at a wide range of retailers, including Scandinavia and Europe. The range of products is specifically designed to help people encourage wildlife into urban environments, regardless of how much outdoor space you have available. The modern and sleek aesthetics of the range is created using patented clay and recycled plastic composite material which is immensely strong with high environmental credentials.

The products feature slide-in inserts made from FSC wood that forms attractive geometric designs with four different uses, these being a bee and insect hotel, bird nest box, bird feeder and an insect winter home/ summer refuge. Designed to be mounted directly to a wall, the Urban/City range is perfect for people living in apartments or who have balconies or outdoor roof spaces, allowing nature to be enjoyed in any environment.

Further information is available from Wildlife World on 01666 505333, by emailing: james@wildlifeworld.co.uk, or by visiting the company’s website at www.wildlifeworld.co.uk