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Vantage PR welcomes cool new client

Refrigeration specialists Carter Synergy have recently turned to Vantage for assistance with their P…

30 Jan

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Do businesses really need SEO?

The answer is yes. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is vital to improving search engine rankings an…

12 Dec

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Is digital PR really any different to traditional PR?

Many clients and prospective clients have asked us whether there's actually much difference between …

27 Nov

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The benefits of blogging for business

Company blogs are a huge opportunity to establish industry expertise and extend reach through social…

24 Oct

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Every business needs a well performing website

Having an up to date and fully functioning website is a necessity in today’s digital world. Websites…

28 Sep

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PR vs Marketing – is there still a difference?

PR and marketing used to be two different practices, but in recent years have starting working toget…

16 Aug

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Boost your business with e-newsletters

Using e-newsletters for email marketing in business not only saves time and money but also keeps you…

12 Jul

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Why your company should invest in PR

The benefits of B2B PR might seem obvious, but many businesses are still not sure how it will help t…

16 May

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Get your business noticed with email marketing

Email marketing is a vital component that is used by millions of businesses across the world. With e…

20 Apr

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Get your social media journey started with Vantage

With just under 40 million users in the UK alone, social media  has become an important part of our …

23 Mar

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Thinking about GDPR?

Having been to a couple of GDPR presentations recently it is all beginning to fall into place. So wh…

19 Feb

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New B2B account for Vantage PR

B2B pr firm Vantage is delighted to be working once again with access control specialists Nortech wh…

19 Jan

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The power of social media and why your company should be using it

Social media is a minefield for even the most creative of people. The platforms are growing all the …

28 Nov

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Autumn offer - Free PR review for your company

If you've thought about taking a fresh look at your public relations and social media strategy or wa…

27 Sep

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Vantage tips for B2B PR and social media

In this era of social media, companies need to make sure they are utilising all the resources availa…

05 Jul

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Max PR for max airflow!

Air intake screen specialists RABScreen have recently turned to Vantage for assistance with their PR…

02 May

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One free month of social media

Here at Vantage we believe that social media plays an important role in a successful B2B PR and mark…

03 Mar

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Vantage set for some hot PR coverage!

Tansun, the world leaders in infrared heating, has appointed Vantage PR to look after their interest…

27 Feb

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Vantage PR transfers its skills to shipping

Vantage PR’s B2B specialism has come to play in winning a new PR account, this time in the world of …

12 Jan

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Our website is now even easier to use

We’re pleased to launch our revised website which features a few subtle but important changes. It’s …

30 Nov

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You can now find us on YouTube

Here at Vantage, we are venturing further into digital marketing having created two new YouTube vide…

30 Sep

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Adding an international dimension to PR

If you’re looking to increase the scope of your business across international markets, you need look…

29 Jul

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Getting to grips with Google Analytics & PR!

Vantage recently attended a one day course in the centre of Cardiff on Google Analytics, run by CIPR…

20 May

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New digital client press packs ready for exhibition season

Here at Vantage we are getting our clients and ourselves ready for the busy period of exhibitions fo…

21 Mar

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Great start to 2016

Here at Vantage we have seen a very successful start to the new year with some new business, and all…

15 Feb

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Happy New Year from Vantage PR

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year. We are cert…

10 Jan

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Staying up to date with digital PR campaigns

These past few months at Vantage we have invested much of our time in attending courses on the rise …

30 Oct

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Vantage wins returning business from meteorological experts

Vantage PR is delighted to welcome back international meteorological equipment specialists, Biral UK…

26 Aug

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A busy few months of exhibitions!

The autumn months see a very busy period for Vantage with an exciting line up of client exhibitions …

31 Jul

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Expanding the PR horizon with digital marketing campaigns

Like social media, digital marketing is rapidly becoming a crucial element of a business’ complete P…

30 Jun

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Social media working well for Vantage clients

At Vantage we believe that a successful PR campaign extends beyond traditional strategies as we are …

27 May

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Case studies are mainstay of client communications programmes

Vantage PR is doing an increasing amount of PR work for Booth Muirie, a division of Euroclad the spe…

27 Apr

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Vantage PR contributes to integrated marketing

Last year Vantage built a relationship with one of the UK’s leading fire and safety specialists Bull…

30 Mar

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Interiors company turns to Vantage for higher visibility

Following little success with advertising, Design & Contract Interiors approached Vantage to ass…

23 Feb

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Higher profile for commercial vehicle safety systems

Business to business trade PR has always been one of Vantage PR’s key strengths and its track record…

20 Jan

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Funded marketing projects well under way

Vantage is currently working on two Growth Voucher Scheme projects to assist companies with their fo…

17 Dec

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Considering your marketing budget for 2015?

As we approach year end, many companies are planning and budgeting for their 2015 marketing progra…

17 Nov

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There's never been a better time to start using PR...

Vantage PR is a registered participant of the Government's Growth Voucher Scheme. The scheme allows …

14 Oct

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Another gleeful month for Vantage!

Vantage had another exceptional GLEE exhibition supporting clients Wildlife World and the launch of …

26 Sep

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Our new website is here!

It's been a busy month for Vantage working on our B2B PR client accounts, attending exhibitions and …

13 Aug

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Summer brings indepth PR support for clients

Vantage has had a busy month providing PR support for clients, from exhibiting at the RHS Hampton Co…

24 Jul

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Vantage walks on the wildside!

Vantage is excited to announce Wildlife World as a new client, benefiting from a comprehensive trade…

19 Jun

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Hewitech ramps up PR with expansion

Vantage client Hewitech, one of the leaders in storm water and waste water systems, this month is mo…

20 May

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Great PR goes the extra mile...

Vantage PR has had a busy April with plenty of feature writing on behalf of our clients for the high…

25 Apr

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Vantage registered on the Government's Growth Voucher Programme

Vantage is now registered to accept credit vouchers as part of the Government's Growth Voucher Progr…

31 Mar

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Another busy month of exhibitions

Vantage is gearing up for another busy month of exhibitions with Ecobuild just weeks away. Ecobuild …

17 Feb

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PR paving path to continued success!

Vantage is delighted to announce it will be supporting Greensquares with a multi-platform PR program…

22 Jan

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Vantage PR expands digital services

This month Vantage is pleased to announce a new association with V8Media, which specialises in wed d…

18 Dec

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Vince Cable at Vantage Clients Windhager UK!

Secretary of State for business, innovation and skills, Vince Cable, was at our clients Windhager UK…

25 Nov

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Warm and cosy PR guaranteed!

Vantage is proud to announce that it has won the PR account for Discrete Heat Ltd. Designers and man…

31 Oct

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Exhibiting at a show this Autumn? - a very special offer!

To celebrate the launch of our brand new website, we are offering the first 5 companies who contact …

04 Oct

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You are now looking at our brand new website!

September has been a busy month here at Vantage PR, with new clients, a new website, and a new seaso…

18 Sep

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Vantage helping to work miracles!

This month Vantage is delighted to have won the account for Miracle Workers Agency Ltd, a leading li…

01 Aug

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PR as powerful as ever!

In the current climate, maintaining your industry presence and relationship with your customers and …

01 Jul

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New account for Vantage PR

Vantage is delighted to have won the PR account for Biral, an international leader in meteorological…

01 Jun

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